Class Theory Low Rope Course

Sunday, March 27, 2011 / Posted by Asbestos Terrarossa /

ni ada lah sikit nota yg aku sempat salin time class teori hari tu

Low Rope Course
-transversing or negotiating elements
-do not require a belay system for safety
-using static rope because it not easily to slide than dynamic rope
-made up of rope, cables and wood
-outdoors did at trees and indoor in gymnasiums
-more than one meter off the ground
-does not need to wear specialized safety equipments
-rely on spotters as their primary safety system
-warm up before starting the activities
-The Leader In Charge (LiC) must ensure that all participants are informed of appropriate clothing to the activity
-course must be suitable for the participants and program

Type of Low Rope Course

 Swinging Tyres

Balance Beam 

Criss Cross 

Multi Vine 

Foot Loop 

Burma Bridge 

Jacob's Ladder 

Monkey Cross 

High Postman Walk

Forward / Backward Tension Transverse  

Leopard Crawl 

 Spider's Web


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